We're content evangelists! Nothing will stop us spreading the divine word of the content gospel.

This week, while on our quest to recruit for the impending content revolution, we paid a visit to the Advertising Association of Ireland's monthly #AAIToolkit seminar to talk about the wonders of content marketing and share best practices to take your content to a whole other level.

Did you miss out on the action and want some pro tips to become the best publisher you can be? We've posted our slides and any of the assets we mentioned below. Knock yourself out!

1. We Need to Talk about Content marketing

2. How to get content marketing right

3. Branded Content campaign: How to in 5 steps


LinkedIn Big Rock Content Guide: This great guide will walk you step by step through the process for creating your first piece of big rock content, an asset that will serve as a cornerstone of your marketing strategy.

Blog Editorial Calendar: Our blog editorial calendar is a great way to help you stay focused and manage all your brilliant ideas. But, above all, it'll make your blogging run as smooth as possible and deliver more for you.

Digital Marketing Template: There's proof in the pudding. And to help you get recognised for a job well done, we developed this Monthly Digital Marketing Template. This will help you determine your most important metrics to go by, as well as guiding you through the tracking process.

Resources And tools

Headline Generator: Need some inspiration to create a hard working headline? Use our very own Headline Generator. Don’t forget to try the positives and the negatives for instant headline inspo.

MakeMyPersona.com: Need help aligning your buyer persona to your content? HubSpot created this great tool that will guide you through the process of creating your own personalised buyer persona to inform your content strategy.

BuzzSumo: When it comes to finding good and highly shared content, BuzzSumo should be your go-to. Just type in a topic or domain and pick a date range and you'll get the most shared content in that date range broken down into multiple channels. You can also find key influencers that are promoting your content. Well worth the investment!

Moz: With a wealth of tools and resources available, Moz will quickly become your quintessential sidekick. Free tools include: Open Site Explorer for link building opportunities, Keyword Explorer for discovering keywords and prioritising the best ones for you, Mozbar to keep on top of your SEO and a lot more.

The Big Survey of Irish Time: Have you ever wondered how long an Irish minute actually is? Well, we have the answer. With our client, EBS, we explored the Irish cultural habits and Irish phrases surrounding time, confirming, once and for all, the exact measurement of an Irish minute for every county in Ireland. You can also watch the video below for a quick giggle.



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