After four years of blogging and almost 1,000 posts both on my own blog and others around the world, I’ve found there are a handful of blogging tips that make all the difference to your readership, your followers, and your reach. Many people mistakenly think blogging is casual, off-the-cuff writing for those who have a little extra time to kill. They’re wrong. Blogging takes calculation, planning and a keen eye for detail. This makes blogging one of the hardest-working tools in your marketing kit, as long as you do it right.

Here are four basic blogging tips that will make all the difference, whether you’re starting out or looking to grow your readership.

Blogging Tip 1. Get the tone and voice right

I believe that a blogger’s voice is the most important quality that brings readers back for more. And every single blogger’s voice is unique. To start, you need to make some choices about your voice. For instance, will you write in proper, full sentences or in a more conversational tone? Are you okay with slang or text-speak? Are you going to write from the first person, or collectively for your whole team? Make decisions about your blog’s voice and bring that voice into every post.

Blogging Tip 2. Always Be Consistent

Whether you’re posting every day or just once each month, your readers want to know when to expect you to return with more interesting, exciting or informative posts for them. Give yourself a schedule for posting and stick to it. I usually suggest that a good baseline is writing two short posts and one longer posts each week.

Blogging Tip 3. Create an Editorial Calendar

Once you decide how often you’re going to post, make yourself an editorial calendar for the month. I swear by Google Calendars for my editorial calendars - they’re shareable and you can easily move posts around depending on circumstances and availability of content. Your editorial calendar should be flexible but informational - at a glance you should know what post is coming up, and what posts have already gone live.

Blogging Tip 4. Don't forget the photographs and graphics

It’s rare these days to see blog posts or web articles without photographs or graphics, so it’s a good idea to lead with a strong photograph that ties into what you’ll be writing about. But a bad photograph can ruin a blog post. What constitutes a bad photograph? Dark, grainy, or not as wide as the body of your post. If you don’t have your own photographs to use, find a photograph on the internet and get permission to use it or credit it properly, linking to its original source. The original source is never Pinterest or Tumblr.

Now it’s your turn, do you have any blogging basics tips you’d like to share? How often do you blog, and are you the master of your editorial calendar?

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Bryan Arnott

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