Anyone who has worked in the media will tell you they spend a lot of their day dealing with the press releases and company announcements that continuously pop into their in box. Each one is vying for a journalist or blogger’s attention but most end up in the trash quicker than you could stifle a yawn.

The unfortunate fact is that many brands present themselves as bland and boring and bland and boring won’t get you anywhere. Your brand needs a personality if you want journalists, bloggers and editors to use your content.

Journalists and bloggers want to feature compelling stories from companies they can tell are run by real people. They want to see and read something that will stand out from the rest of the million things they find in their Google search or the hundreds of tweets scrolling through their feed. It doesn’t matter if you make toilet plungers or ham and cheese sandwiches, your brand can and should have a brand personality that attracts new customers and keeps current clients loyal.

Here’s how to start showing off your brand personality online

1. Show your product in context

The internet has become increasingly visual and every company needs images that reflect its online brand personality and how its products or services are supposed to be used. Who is your target audience? Set up a photo shoot to capture your target audience using or enjoying your product or service. Do not skimp on styling. If yours is a lifestyle product shoot it in a lifestyle setting. Make sure to provide the Editor with ‘cut-outs’ the term used to describe products shot against a white background. This gives the writer more options for using the photos both online and in print.

2. Write with the end user in mind

If yours is a consumer product write about what’s most important to the consumer. It’s surprising how many brands completely miss this point and craft press releases and announcements more geared for the CEO than the end user.

3. Treat your social media account like a human being

Managing social media accounts for a business can be difficult. Try to imagine your company as a human being. How would they act? What would they find interesting and relevant? How would they respond to questions or criticism? Answer those questions and then manage your social media accounts as that person. Your followers will respond to your personality online.

4.Partner with other online entities to build trust

We all know that one of the best ways to increase your exposure is to partner with someone. To show your online personality, you want to partner with a company or website that shares your target audience. For example Irish bridal site partners with brands looking to talk to brides. The website team works with brands to create content that informs their readers while showing them exactly what a brand can offer them. Because readers trust the site, they trust its endorsement of quality brands.

It’s important to keep in mind that there is a fine line between having a personality and going too far. Your brand should seem human and approachable, but also professional and respectful. And if you don't believe us, just ask a journalist, editor or blogger to name the brands they most like to deal with and why. Our guess is there's a direct correlation between the brands with 'personality' and the amount of media they earn.

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