In the most basic sense, a landing page is any web page that a visitor can arrive at or “land” on. However, for the purpose of content marketing you can use landing pages to convert browsers into leads.

And we'd all like a bit of that, thank you very much!

But how do you go about creating landing pages for your website? Doesn't it involve complicated code and specialist skills?

It's true that landing pages should be distinctly different from the rest of your website and be designed for a specific objective. It is no simple task as it takes a good understanding of the browser mentality, and a certain finesse, to work properly.

40% of people browse on mobile so your page must also be optimised. Google will now be punishing websites that are not 'mobile-friendly'. If this is not taken into account you will be looking at a high bounce rate - kaboing!

Landing pages can be used for:

  • Ebook or whitepaper download
  • Consultation for professional services
  • Webinar registration
  • Free trial sign up
  • Notification of a future product launch
  • Discount coupon/voucher
  • Contest entry

Let's make it simple

With all of this in mind, we thought it important to give you a helping hand. As part of our #256FridayFreebie, we present to you This website offers you the ability to easily create a free landing page and then integrate it with your Wordpress website (more options available on paid versions).

It has a good variation of templates to work from which are easily customisable when editing them. It works on a simple drag and drop system to make it as easy as possible for the user to create the page without the need for too much technical understanding, (No need to alter coding to move the headline down 2 pixels).

Below is an image of content options that can be added to the page. Just click on one, drag it to where you want on the page and edit it as you see fit.

The yays and the nays

As with all programmes there are positives and negatives to consider, especially when the tool is free. Here are the good and not so good points of the free version:


  • It's free
  • Simple drag and drop functionality
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Integrates with Wordpress
  • Integrates with Google Analytics
  • A/B testing option
  • Huge selection of templates


  • You have to create an account
  • SEO management unavailable
  • Cannot connect directly to custom domain
  • Mobile optimisation unavailable

If you want to get some free landing pages up and running it's worth giving Instapage a shot. However if landing pages are an essential part of your digital marketing strategy the fact that you cannot manage the SEO settings or optimise for mobile are massive drawbacks.

Here at 256 Media, we are experts in all things content marketing. If you want bespoke, master-crafted Landing Pages get in touch with us for a free 1 hour consultation, we'd love to help you out :)

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