Time to lift the burden of graphic design and its complex programmes

After all, basic design shouldn't be too difficult, yet we can get tangled up in complicated, and often expensive, software more geared for professionals or those with training.

Well, this Friday Freebie brings you Canva, the easy graphic design tool that provides you with templates of common layouts over Web and Print - Facebook covers, A4 posters, business cards, blog graphics and a lot more (no more need to figure out dimensions, wohoo!).  It includes over 1 million customisable images and graphics to work from so you can create your ideal image all in one place. Oh, and they are all high resolution :)

Programmess such as Photoshop or Gimp are great for professional designers or if you are willing to put in a lot of time and training. Use Canva and have simple jobs done quick, easy, and with the look of a pro.


graphic design templates Some available templates in Canva


So, how easy is it really?

The great thing about this drag-and-drop programme is that you can choose readymade images and graphics and all you have to do is alter the text to your preference. You can select basic backgrounds or complex images and add different objects, such as a lion, a car or anything you want.

You simply choose your desired graphic and drag it onto the image, it couldn't be easier :)

Most images are free to use, however some images do have a small charge of $1.

Canva also has a Design School with many free interactive tutorials on hand to teach you about design and how to make to make it all look good.

The programme is integrated with Facebook and Twitter, so when you complete your image you have the option of downloading it or sharing it via social media.

This is a useful tool for anyone in content marketing who does not have access to a qualified graphic designer.

If you would like more information on how to boost your Content Marketing and really develop your brand then don't be shy to contact us for a free 1 hour consultation. We here at 256 Media are more than happy to help :)

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