You know those times when you want a large, high quality image on your website or blog but the image is just so big it slows down your page load speed? We’re not gonna lie, it’s incredibly frustrating.

You want to present the best quality content possible but the internet conspires against you. Well, no longer.

Today we quote the Greek god, Zeus, “Release The Kraken!”. Yes ,this is a quote from a film based on mythology but the Kraken Image Optimisation tool is very real.

High quality image optimisation is here and it’s going to make your website so clear that you’d accidentally walk into it if it was a window. It’ll improve your page load speed so much that your page will appear before you even click the mouse ... ok, maybe that's a little over the top, but it’s exciting.

Image Optimisation

When you have a large, high quality image it will inevitably come with a large, high file size. This can be detrimental to you because when a browser is on your website they are essentially downloading each page. A large image will take longer to load and therefore slow the rendering of the webpage. This can result in a higher drop off rate and as a consequence a lower conversion rate. All because of one awesome image.

To counter this, you would typically reduce the image size or change the file type. This method works but you have now just dropped the quality of the image too. Pain in the neck.

This is where Kraken shines. It offers the ability to reduce the file size of large, high quality images without losing any of the quality.

How Kraken works

There are two options for the optimisation level and image quality. The difference between them is speed more than anything else. All you need to do is decide if you want to sacrifice any image quality and how much you want to optimise your images.


The first option when converting the image is Lossless. When image quality is the most important factor, Lossless hits the mark. It will reduce the file size while maintaining perfect image quality. The downfall is that the conversion process can take a bit of time.


With this option you are deciding to sacrifice a small amount of image quality (however Kraken maintains that the change is not noticeable to the human eye) but you will be able to cut up to 90% off the original file size.

Due to the outcome of either process being dependent on the individual file, sometimes you may not even notice the difference between an image that has been optimised with Lossless or Lossy.

What’s the catch?

As this is part of our Friday Freebie collection it is an inherently free tool, so optimise away. However if you are looking to optimise an image above 1Mb, Kracken will make you shell out the dosh.

So, go forth and make the internet sharper and faster.

Here at 256 Media we love high quality images. Images are very engaging when correctly optimised and can evoke a multitude of feelings, moods and impressions.

If you want high quality, bespoke images for your brand then please do get in touch with us. We aim to provide the internet (and the world) with the best quality content there is.

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