Most millennials will remember the good ol' days when we were glued to our Game Boy Colours and immersed in the Kanto region of the Pokémon universe.

Choosing the blue or red cartridge was the schoolkid equivalent of choosing whether you preferred Blur or Oasis. Of course, finding the perfect angle to shine light on your screen to actually see the thing was a massive pain, but somehow, we all made do. Man, the nostalgia...

Aside from the cool Pokémon characters and feeling like you're Ash Ketchum in the moment, the best part was training your Pokémon and watching them going from feeble, weak beings to (literally) evolving into serious weapons in your arsenal and trashing virtually every single opponent you stumbled upon on your travels.

Bringing it back to the matter at hand - think of your content as little Pokémon. You probably never heard that one before, but humour me...

When you're training your Pokémon, you need to fight as many Pokémon as possible to level up, but what's the bedrock of your regime?

Answer - giving your Pokémon the TLC they need to get stronger. Using countless potions, stones and Rare Candies so your Pokémon can take over the world.

The same goes for your content. You need to make sure that you're ticking all of the necessary boxes for SEO so your content will grow in strength and outrank your competitors. But what's the Rare Candy to fast-track the process?

Long-tailed keywords. We've been saying this over and over in the past... Long-tailed keywords can help your content grow and rank higher.

Hold on now, you can't just buy long-tailed keywords in the nearest mart like your Pokémon counterparts.

Sure, you could use Google Adwords, but its main focus tends to be broad, one-word keywords with a lot of competition. What you need is the right tool to get all of the long-tailed opportunities you'll ever need. Well, we've got the right tool for you...

Be a Pokemon Master with KW Finder


KW Finder is a keyword tool that helps you find long-tailed opportunities with low competition so your content can zoom up the SERPs to take on the Pokémon league. (We're going to let that metaphor die now.)

All you have to do is type in a keyword, along with your location and preferred language and you'll get a list of long-tailed opportunities to sink your teeth into, as well as an overview of websites that currently rank high for those keywords.


The interface is super neat and pretty easy to wrap your head around. The one downside to this is that you only get 25 keywords per search and exactly 5 searches per day. If you want more, you're going to have to upgrade your account. Prices for the Basic and Premium packages are $11/month and $22/month respectively.

One simple hack is pasting those keywords you get from KW Finder into Google's Keyword Planner tool and it'll give you a lot more suggestions to fill up your list. At $22 per month, this tool is a worthy investment that will ultimately allow your content to gain traffic, shares and authority on the SERPs.

Looking to become the Pokémon master of the marketing world?

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Greg McLoughlin

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