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We all know the excitement of signing up to a new newsletter.* You see an interesting website with really good content so you think “I want more of that” and sign up to their mailing list. You wait ecstatically** for their newsletter to arrive only to be disappointed at the irrelevant, low quality content that has been shovelled your way.

But now it’s too late. You don’t want their newsletter anymore but you’re just too damn lazy to hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button.

Before you know it, you’re subscribed to 50 other company newsletters and they’re all entering your inbox in a never-ending stream of useless drivel.

*excitement may not be felt   **ecstasy highly improbable

You may not even have realised that you agreed to the dozens of newsletters flooding your inbox. Indirect methods of being signed up to mailing lists include downloading an e-book, getting a free trial, or interacting in some way that makes you fork over your email address. The folks behind the website will then add you to their mailing list for future emails.

All of this tends to result in too many emails cluttering your inbox and you, due to an over use of sighs, not being bothered to unsubscribe.

Time to sort that out.

Unsubscribe from all of your emails in one fell swoop

To make this process as simple as can be, Unroll.me has made an extremely convenient tool that rummages through your email and collects all of your subscription accounts. It then presents you with the list and a simple ‘Unsubscribe’ button beside it.

Unroll.me Unsubscribe Free Marketing Tool

If you choose to unsubscribe you thankfully don’t get taken to the website to then click yet another unsubscribe button.

*Click, click, click, click* is the sound of your inbox getting smaller and smaller :)

Roll up your email subscriptions

As well as providing you with an easy method to unsubscribe from your email lists Unroll.me also offers you the ability to bulk your subscription emails into one thread. For the subscriptions you decide to keep, they will all be kept neatly in the one email and be delivered to you once a day.

This way you don’t have five different spots taken up in your inbox, just the one.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over and organise your email subscriptions.

We were surprised when we used this tool as it showed that we had way more subscriptions than we thought we did. Illuminating, isn’t it?

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