Set yourself free during presentations

Sick of being chained to your mouse when delivering that all-important presentation? Wouldn't it be great to give full rein to your passionate, no-holds-barred self?

Presenting Remote Mouse - a free and simple app for your Apple/Android phone or tablet that will act as your computer's mouse and keyboard. It works for both PC and Mac.

It's maybe not for every presentation, but when you are presenting to a full room, it livens things up to be mobile. And hands up everyone who has managed to lose the remote control that came with that projector. When you are off home turf, this gives you the control you need.

Although there are extra features which can be bought, the basic free version offers you enough for it to be really handy.

Here I will outline its features followed by instructions on how to set it up (spoiler alert: it's really easy).


Your phone is now a fully functional mouse. Advance your presentation by swiping your thumb across the screen; or if you hold an onscreen button you can move the mouse by physically moving the phone in space. How cool is that? When you want to click on something it takes nothing more than a tap on the screen; or to right click, just tap with 2 fingers.

You can also scroll up and down pages by pressing and holding 2 fingers and dragging.


You can type using the keyboard option which is the same layout as your standard phone keyboard.


You know the drill - spread your fingers to zoom in and pinch to zoom out (Mac only).

Application Launcher

application launcher

This is an unexpected feature but a welcome one all the same. The app shows the icons of your computer's applications which you can open with a simple tap. No need to scroll the mouse back to your desktop or to search for an app.

Remote shut down/sleep/restart/log off

You can set your computer to do any of the above without having to go near the computer itself.


So as you can see this is a handy little tool to have in your pocket. The set up process is really simple and straight forward.

See here for the set up instructions. There are 3 quick steps:

1. Install app on phone

2. Install programme on computer

3. Connect your phone to the computer via wireless network - this can be done via wifi or 3G network. Also, even though there are  different versions of the app for Mac and PC, you can still connect an Android to a Mac or an iPhone to a PC. Nice ;)

And that's it.

Off you go to frolic through the forest while still maintaining control of your presentation :P

Happy Friday!

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