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Storm in a Tweetcup

After testing this new addition for months, users on Twitter will now be able to write multiple tweets and Twitter will automatically thread them together and publish them in unison, in a new feature known as ‘tweetstorms’.

This should make creating a thread of tweets much simpler, meaning more people will actually do it. Twitter’s belief is that longer posts, not shorter ones, perform better on Twitter, which means potentially more engagement for advertisers!

YouTube to hire thousands of moderators

In an attempt to weed out abusive and hate speech videos, YouTube has announced it will be hiring thousands of new moderators as content creators complain that they’re being unfairly targeted. The platform will also be working on an advanced machine-learning technology that could automatically flag suspect content for review.

In a statement, Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki said, "human reviewers remain essential to both removing content and training machine learning systems because human judgment is critical to making contextualized decisions on content.”

Facebook's 2017 year in review

Facebook has announced its 2017 Year in Review highlighting the top ways people came together on the platform to support one another.

The review mainly consists of key moments people came together on the platform which includes: International Women’s Day (the number one most talked about moment in 2017, doubling from last year. Amazing!), Super Bowl 51, Las Vegas violence, total solar eclipse and a whole lot more.

The platform has also released some great content assets such as Facebook infographic and videos.

Snapchat has its eye on the Chinese market

Snapchat has announced that it's looking for an international strategy manager based in Shenzhen, China, where the company opened a research and development office last December. According to a LinkedIn job posted last week, Snapchat is looking for the candidate to, “become an evangelist for Snapchat ad products in the China media community, including through direct meetings with advertisers, marketing events and trainings, etc.”

Bear in mind, people in mainland China currently can’t access Snapchat, but a spokesperson has said the role, “will be unrelated to our much larger hardware team and would be intended to benefit Chinese companies who sell products outside of China.”

Facebook signs deal with WWE to stream some wrestling on network

You may already know that Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Watch back in August: their new video on demand service operated by Facebook.

Looks like they just signed a deal with the the professional wrestlers in WWE   to stream a new “single-elimination mixed tag-team tournament” directly on the social network. That means WWE will feature tag-team matches — one male and one female wrestler per team — for 12 straight weeks.

We've seen an increase of Facebook paying publishers and brands to create exclusive shows for the Watch service, and has also been paying for streaming rights for big sporting events.

Can Facebook become a serious video streaming competitor? Well, with over two billion people now using the platform, it's certainly possible.

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