Telling BURST Oral Care's story through meaningful social content

2020 Winner - Instagram for Brand, Silver, Social Media Awards.

Our objective with BURST was to show how customers and dental professionals use BURST products through captivating storytelling. 256 was tasked with devolving campaign strategies to grow the account as well as improving brand awareness and engagement through bespoke content, brand ambassadors and celebrity influencers.

256 identified Instagram as being the correct platform for BURST to tell their story. It’s a highly visual platform that aligns well with BURST’s colourful and impactful graphics and branding. 

The first opportunity to tell the story of BURST through brand ambassadors came when COVID-19 took hold of the US. Many of BURST’s brand ambassadors quickly became frontline workers. Using the theme of ‘Our Frontline Workers’ and a 9 post grid, 256 was able to show the dedication and importance of these workers through images and videos. 

Soon after that, the Black Lives Movement began to dominate every news channel and social platform. BURST has a very diverse ambassador network and 256 chose to celebrate that through an Instagram strategy called, ‘Until We All Win’. 

256 also worked alongside high profile celebrities, including Khloe Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski and Chrissy Teigen to help promote the brand. 

Since 2019, through organic growth only, the BURST Instagram account grew by 33% as followers increased from 60,000 to 80,000. This was achieved through engaging themes and positive comments. Despite the way social algorithms are structured, our creative social content cuts through and connects. 

Using the brand guidelines, 256 gave the Instagram account a look that was consistent with the rest of the brand, while still telling BURST’s story. 256 also developed and launched an ambassador Social Content Tool Kit to extend the reach of the brand using hygienist’s own channels. 

The team at 256 has been able to deliver really great content that combines all of the elements we were looking for to create a more meaningful experience for our audience on Instagram.  I can tell by comments and feedback from our ambassadors that we are doing something very right.”  

Charlotte Stirk,
Dental Hygienist | BURST Ambassador | Social Media Manager 


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