Goodbye boring – how content superpower drove pension results for Irish Life

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Services provided
Content managed services, Content operations.

The challenge
Irish Life Corporate wanted to drive awareness and registrations to get existing pension members to use Irish Life’s new online Pension Portal.

What we did
256 created the ‘Driving your Pension’ creative and a ‘Register to Win’ competition to drive registrations. 

A suite of custom animated and mash-up videos launched the Pension Portal. Another video demonstrated new features and tools - handy calculators and tools helped users to plan their dream retirement and understand how a small change now results in a big difference later – a critical message to educate young professionals. 

Email workflows played an important part. 256 created engaging email workflows that spoke to the recipient, not just at them. By helping customers ‘navigate the pensions Spaghetti Junction,’ we stood out in inboxes and boosted conversion rates. 
The emails were delivered in tranches which allowed us to closely monitor and tweak them as time passed to maximise results. We edited body copy, subject lines, redesigned graphics and edited videos – iterating helped accelerate performance and results improved astronomically 

Social content supported the email and video; this was a multimodal, strategic content-led program. 


"Encouraging members to register for our award-winning Pension Portal is a massive focus for us as a business, but pension engagement is notoriously low, so motivating people to take that first step and register is a vital step on the journey.  

The creative from 256 really stood out and won the day. Few agencies combine this level of strategic content marketing capability AND the capacity to deliver truly captivating creative, but 256 really nailed it."

Tríona Kelly Hanlon
Content Marketing Manager at Irish Life

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