Helping Fáilte Ireland develop Discover Ireland’s TOV to inspire travel and drive referrals


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The challenge

256 worked with Fáilte Ireland to establish a fresh and unique tone of voice for their new digital ecosystem that encourages people to find new favourites and rediscover old haunts.

What we did

256 perfected a unique tone of voice where actionable, active, and descriptive language is used to pique the reader’s attention, inspiring people to visit Ireland’s attractions and experiences. The information is presented to users in a knowledgeable manner so that they come to trust the Discover Ireland website as the ultimate travel guide to Ireland. 

Key to finalising the tone of voice was the extensive editorial style guide established by 256 which includes information on the type of language used, specific formatting styles, and a detailed explanation on the type of generic phrases to avoid. 

As a result, readers feel they are being presented with entirely new content rather than being served up common phrases often used in travel writing. 

The level of detail is second to none and on reading about every nook and cranny of Ireland, you can feel yourself transported there. The new website features timeless, useful, and comprehensive content where tone of voice takes priority.

The tone of voice is conversational yet lyrical and captures the sense of wanderlust we feel when reading a brilliantly written travel piece.

How it looks

My gratitude for all the fantastic work, effort and passion you have brought to this project. Given the crisis and the fundamental change in way of working, this project shouldn’t have been so successful.  But the way you pulled together and worked in real partnership with us made all the difference. Thanks so much.

Niall Tracey

Director of Marketing at Fáilte Ireland