Intfluencers – The case for employee advocacy with Irish Life

companies converted

members in the Master Trust pension programme

billion euro investment

Services provided

Video marketing strategy, creation of compelling video content, development of multi-channel content marketing strategy

The challenge

Irish Life faced a common challenge: how to make seemingly dry topics like financial services and pensions engaging? They knew they had valuable expertise that could genuinely benefit both businesses and individuals. The trick was getting people to listen. 

Our objective was to change the narrative for them. We aimed to cut through the noise and capture the attention of both B2B and B2C audiences, proving that Irish Life stands for expertise, trust, and authority in the financial world. 

What we did

We knew we had to take an innovative approach for Irish Life. We decided that storytelling through video would be the key to humanising a typically dull subject. So, we introduced the concept of “int'fluencers” – internal experts within Irish Life who could serve as public faces of the company, building credibility, trust, and authenticity in marketing communications. 

We kicked off with a video series aimed at corporate clients. These videos featured topic expert, Ian Moynihan, and were designed to explain and encourage enrolment in Irish Life's Master Trust pension scheme. The series successfully launched and hit key business goals in a short time, resulting in massive investment and 75,000 corporate employees being set up for a dream retirement. 

To connect with individual consumers, we created an uplifting video that highlighted the advantages of speaking to a financial advisor for a better financial future. The video used storytelling and starred Linda, a well-known figure at Irish Life. The aim was to depict financial advisors as relatable, real people, who understand the day-to-day concerns of the audience they're advising. 

By showcasing internal influencers at Irish Life, we helped to humanise the brand, making it more relatable and increasing customer engagement. 


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