Roomex sends its old brand packing with this award-winning campaign



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256-trophy2019 Best Content Marketing Award – Travel with the Irish Content Marketing Awards


The challenge

Roomex strives to make booking business hotels simple while keeping an eye on saving customers money. To separate itself in a fiercely competitive market, Roomex wanted an inbound marketing strategy and a full brand refresh in 2018. 

What we did

256 worked with the Roomex senior team to identify and map out a campaign strategy that would help the company reimagine its entire content marketing strategy from the ground up.   

256’s work has predominantly been focused on five areas:  

  1. Shaping the long-term approach to content marketing, via a documented content marketing strategy. 
  2. Ongoing expert support on all aspects of content marketing strategy and delivery.
  3. Creative thinking and ideas for hygiene (essential, must-have content), hub (pain-point driven content) and hero (big rock assets, to drive MQLs) content.
  4. Copy creation and design for the blogs, social media amplification, and longer-form content assets within the above strategy.
  5. Central management of all content related activity via HubSpot.

Roomex completely reinvigorated its marketing strategy by working with 256. Its new website was the face of change, while all the work done under the hood drove big results. 

We generated an ROI of 4,455% percent from paid search alone. 

How it looks

We’ve been absolutely delighted to have worked with 256 over the past year. Their team has been instrumental in helping us through our rebrand, new website launch and scaling our marketing activities to meet the demand that comes with a VC-backed company in hyper-growth mode. 256 have been our partner as we have set up a new demand generation marketing operation, and we’re really happy with the results of it all.

Lia Bresnihan

VP Marketing, Roomex