Driving a 310% increase in leads for Statwolf through content

lead generation

monthly recurring website traffic

traffic from organic search

Creation and execution of long term inbound marketing strategy to grow brand awareness, increase relevant site traffic, drive lead generation and database growth for Statwolf, a Dublin-based data analytics SaaS business.

In February 2017, Statwolf engaged 256 to support the internal marketing team in managing all content related activity for the brand. Our approach involved:

  • Clearly defining the various Statwolf Buyer Personas, and understanding the real-world challenges they face in their respective roles.
  • Creation of long term content strategy, including blogging, social media, email marketing, animated video content, event collateral and database management.
  • Creation of Premium Content assets to fuel lead generation.
  • Full Website Redesign, with a key focus on optimising user journey for Statwolf’s Buyer Personas.

“256 are content experts,” says Serena Pisati, Brand and Marketing Manager at Statwolf. The content-based approach we used for Statwolf has already driven fantastic results for the company. “Partnering with the team at 256 has allowed [us] to implement a targeted and methodical approach to content marketing and lead generation for our business. This approach has led to significant increases in traffic and leads via our website,” she adds.

Those results are:

  • 105% increase in monthly recurring website traffic.
  • 300% increase in interactions from social media.
  • 107% increase in traffic from organic search.
  • Average landing page conversion rate of 21%.
  • 310% increase in overall lead generation.

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