Women in tourism – Inspiring a generation of female leaders for Fáilte Ireland

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Video content creation, HTML5 banner design.

The challenge

Fáilte Ireland wanted to inspire more women to consider tourism as a viable and rewarding career path. By spotlighting opportunities and success stories in the industry, they aimed to draw in a new wave of female talent and leadership.

What we did

Through a series of videos, we featured highly accomplished women who shared their experiences of working in tourism, including the highs and lows of their paths to success. 

These stories not only inspired and challenged stereotypes but also showcased the thrilling opportunities within tourism, offering a much-needed boost to the sector after the pandemic.

The videos were later adapted into articles for EVOKE, one of the largest female-focused websites in Ireland. To accompany the videos, 256 created eye-catching HTML5 banners which were displayed on landing pages on EVOKE.ie.

The six-part series reached an audience of over 620,000 across various platforms and surpassed industry benchmarks with an average click-through rate (CTR) of 0.23% and video completion rate (VTR) of 70.38%. 

By telling their stories in person, the series successfully inspired and engaged the target audience, promoting the visibility of women in the tourism industry and revitalising the sector post-pandemic.

How it looks

Inspiring and engaging content was of the utmost importance to the success of this series. Working with 256 to create video content was a pleasure. We were able to guide the process, developing content that fit our vision while being guided by the expertise of 256. We delivered a video series that achieved great results that we hoped for.

Michelle Donovan

Tourism Careers Officer at Fáilte Ireland