EBS and earning love through social



In 2015, EBS had a near non-existent presence online. They had a website, sure, but they weren’t on social media while their competitors streamrolled ahead, using it both as a promotional tool and an outlet for their customer service.

EBS teamed up with 256 in 2015 to launch EBS’ Facebook – on Mark Zuckerberg’s birthday no less, with the end goal of creating a community around ‘home’ and using Facebook as a platform to deliver useful content and to create leads.


EBS’ Facebook was set up in May 2015 and has grown from strength-to-strength since. The Facebook activity is broad and includes:

  • Sharing the blog content and curated content
  • Lead generation
  • Broader campaigns (including ATL activity) e.g. the Anytime branded content campaign and the recent campaign to highlight and promote the 2% back in cash mortgage offer.
  • Sourcing and promoting competitions
  • Custom illustrations for campaigns
  • Video creations
  • Management and optimisation of all paid media spend


  • Fastest growing Irish bank on social
  • Built community to 40,000 in 18 months.
  • Above average engagement of 8%+
  • Finalist in Content Marketing Institute Best Social, Finalist Best Use of Social, Sockies Winner, Best Use of Social DMAs (Bronze, 2017),