Integrity360 kicks its content creation into overdrive with award-winning results


Winner:2019 Best Use of Content Curation award from the Content Marketing Institute
2019 Best Content Marketing Award – B2B from the Irish Content Marketing Awards

Winner  CMA


Integrity360 is an industry-leading managed security services provider operating out of Ireland and the U.K.

The company wanted to kickstart its content marketing strategy to support the entire business through the pre- and post-sales process. Integrity360 partnered with 256 to bring its brand to life and assert itself as a legitimate thought leader in a fiercely competitive industry.


A content-fuelled inbound strategy was the obvious solution for Integrity360, with 256’s expertise integrated through content-as-a-managed-service.

256 seeded a writer to the Integrity360 office for two to three days every week, giving the marketing team a dedicated team member who chased insights and content approvals that otherwise required days of back and forth on emails or phone calls.

The teams worked together to:

  • Implement best practices for content creation and inbound lead generation.
  • Develop eBooks and other high-value assets for salespeople to give clients at different stages in the buyer’s journey.
  • Invest in social media campaigns and sponsored content for inbound lead generation using educational assets.
  • Migrate its website to HubSpot to give full visibility of its campaigns and analytics, and to streamline workflows with marketing automation tools.


The results were immediate, with the company’s content pipeline moving at a quicker pace than it ever had before.

Over the course of eight months, Integrity360:

  • Produced six new eBooks covering a wide range of content.
  • Published four versions of the Risk Radar, a quarterly report detailing the most important stories and industry trends that industry leaders need to know about.
  • Started a monthly newsletter highlighting webinars, events, blogs and other assets.
  • Created 24 blogs to bolster its social media presence on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Wrote two case studies about its clients.
  • Migrated its blog and resource pages to HubSpot to track leads, with a full migration planned for 2019.

On top of that, Integrity360 ran several successful lead generation campaigns with a large inventory of assets and phenomenal results:

  • 120 marketing qualified leads captured over three weeks through sponsored content with a U.K. media partner, at a cost per acquisition below the industry average.
  • 34 contacts secured through its first LinkedIn campaign, at a cost per acquisition below the industry average.
  • 181 eBook downloads direct from the website.


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